"Only companies that use and manage IT correctly will have sustainable economic success!"

VIPCON is a Digital Enterprise and IT Service Management systems integrator with extensive international experience.

Regardless of the size of the company, we have the experience and expertise to develop and implement fitting solutions. We work with tools and solutions from leading vendors. As a compliment to these products VIPCON offers a number of privately owned and developed software that reflect our project experience.


VIPCON GmbH and Fusion GBS become one company #FutureTogether

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VIPCON GmbH and Fusion GBS, BMC’s two largest and most successful partners operate together under the roof of Fusion GBS with the aim to create a leading global partner.

For enquiries, please contact:
Manfred Simon | Marketing Manager
T: +49 89 416 176 570
E: manfred.simon@vipcon.com

VIPCON 20 YEARS: Departure to Digital World

VIPCON celebrates 20th anniversary with customers and partners: Alderstone, BMC Software, Digital Value Cloud, SIOD & Yellowfin.




BMC’s Cognitive Service Management “everything-as-a-service" delivery model, BMC Helix, is here. This means the entire suite of our powerful CSM solutions (ITSM, Discovery, Digital Workplace and more) is now cognitive-driven, container-ready, and available as-a-service.



VIPCON is BMC Worldwide Partner of the Year 2018

VIPCON is not only once again one of 9 BMC Platinum Partners worldwide, but also received the Worldwide Partner of the Year 2018 award.



PODCAST: Artificial Intelligence

VIPCON provides clarity on artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots are keywords that one comes across more frequently in the digital business environment. The debate, particularly on AI, is characterized by great expectations regarding its impact on a day-to-day business and the potential to integrate it into the service management of many industries.

In our podcast with ecommerce-vision.de, we address the question if and to what extent the hopes are justified, in general, and in e-commerce, specifically, or are even already a reality.