Readiness Consulting

Once the decision has been made to introduce a Business Service Management System, the uncertainties begin – how will the project impact existing processes, employees and technologies?

Typically, the focus of consultation on the introduction of BSM_Solutions is on the relevant technical factors.

We have identified the key success factors in such BSM initiatives based on our experience in numerous BSM projects. The strategy and launch phase are the key factors for a successful BSM project. It is often difficult to adjust inadequate principles and objectives in the implementation phase and such changes ultimately tend to lead to higher costs and lower efficiency.


With the BSM Readiness Consulting VIPCON method, the first planning level of the BSM initiative is drawn up. The goal is to transform the uncertainty and complexity of the project into a structured basis, with essential knowledge and safe assumptions. On this basis, the solution is then planned and developed in the next step.

BSM Readiness.png

BSM Readiness Consulting has a modular design and allows for the gradual definition of the relevant parameters.

We have developed four basic modules that form the basis of successful BSM projects:

  • Clarity about objectives and common starting point

  • Determine current situation

  • GAP analysis and impact on the company

  • Action planning and preparation of the project setup

 In addition, we offer Deep Dive modules, optionally integrated. Placing initiative focus on priorities of the BSM, such as

  • Change management

  • Incident management

Deep Dive Module.png










Analysis oft the ITSM tool landscape
The effects of the introduction are evaluated and analyzed



Analysis of employees’ existing skills
Analysis and assessment regarding the impact of the BSM introduction on skills requirements as well as daily business 


Analysis of the relevant data
Analysis and evaluation of the impact and restrictions


Analysis of the affected organisations and role definitions
Analysis and assessment of the impact on organisation, roles and responsibilities


Proposed methodology for the introduction and operation are recorded
Analysis and assessment of the methodology’s impact on the implementation process



For us, consultancy is the starting point of each project. We analyse and evaluate all relevant factors of the project. A solid knowledge base about the conditions, requirements, and the impact is a necessary condition for a successful project planning and implementation.

We cover all aspects of the business service management initiative from the perspective of our clients. Only in this way can we offer companies a comprehensive solution tailored to their individual needs and optimised in all areas.

We accompany our clients in a way that matches their needs: From the planning stage to the implementation and operation of the solution. Thereby we pave the way for our clients to control and document with ultimate transparency all relevant IT processes critical to their business.